Edgy Photography

Lust for Life

Life is short. It's full of meaningful connections with exceptional people and the opportunity to express all of oneself without judgment. You are beautifully you, inside and out. Whether you live an alternative lifestyle, are looking for edgy photography to spice things up with a loved one, or looking to celebrate body positivity and confidence, I want to collaborate with you and make your vision a reality.

"When you arise in the morning think of what a privilege it is to be alive, to think, to enjoy, to love ..."

Marcus Aurelius

"Self-love becomes confidence projected outward for all to admire."

Nathan Hauser

Body Session FAQs

What if I'm nervous about how I look or don't know how to pose?

This photography space is about wholeheartedly accepting your body for you alongside the eyes of our creator. I'm here to help you see that and celebrate with kindness, acceptance, and the best of times. We'll work together before and during the shoot on poses that capture how you want to be saw.

Will you Share My photos?

While it would be an honor to be allowed to use your wild sexy images for my brand promotion, your privacy is of utmost importance. I take this VERY seriously. You can opt-out of sharing within our contract.

Are Hair and Makeup Included?

This is an additional fee – I give referrals to hair stylists and a makeup artist I trust once you book your session. Ultimately it’s up to you to decide who to hire.

What should I wear?

Anything and nothing at all! Body sessions vary from person to person. The central theme of a body session is how we can showcase our bodies in the sexiest burn the paint off your house kind of way. Let's work together on outfits that create desire, intrigue, love, and more.

Can I bring my own props?

Absolutely! You are welcome to bring anything along to support the types of body shots you are looking the capture in your vibe. I will have a collection of kinky props available for usage as well.

Do you shoot partially or full Nude Photos?

You know it, bring it on! Your body session is about your self-expression and capturing what is beautifully you. Those that bear all are my favorite clients and my people.

Do you work with all body types?

Absolutely! I'm thrilled you are taking steps to see yourself as the beautiful person you are. You are beautifully you in the body you have in the eyes of our creator. We'll work exclusively together on poses that make you feel comfortable, build off parts you like, and create artful shots that are an extension of who you are.

Are you LBGT inclusive?

Absolutely! We are all human beings rotating on this wild planet together. Regardless of how you identify, that fact does not change. Let's be kind, love, and not judge one another. ❤️